7 Great Benefits of Salsa

1) Social Benefits – You’ll meet more people dancing, than any other single activity on the face of the planet! Singles-bars? Ha! Health-clubs? No way. You’ll laugh at the things you used to do to meet people, because once you dance, it becomes so easy – it’s effortless.

2) Strengthens you personal relationships: Married? Trouble with family? You and your boy/girl friend lost that spark? Dance is the answer (specifically salsa dance – I just had to say it). 😉 It helps you relate to others in a passionate, honest, and unique way.

3) Confidence – You’ll be comfortable in yourself, and you’ll find your confidence affects every aspect of your life.

4) Self Expression – The ability to express yourself, verbally or with movement, is important to us. Perhaps you’ll have to hear and feel the music first, to fully grasp this one, but the ability to express yourself, with another person, to beautiful, exciting and passionate music, fulfills a basic human need (that you may not even know you have).

5) Weight Loss – Self explanatory. You lose weight, you feel better about yourself, you live longer. Personally, I used to weigh 40 pounds more, and had tried every diet on the planet! Who would have though, all I had to do was dance. I wish I had known about this earlier.

6) Flexibility, Coordination and posture: Not only will these benefits affect you, but they also affect how people see you at first glance.

7) Happiness and Fulfillment – I’m not going to get religious, or too spiritual, but we’re all here to lead good lives. Too affect others, or to find our places in the world, is no easy task. To be honest with ourselves is difficult, and that says nothing about being truthful to others. Dance is a way to happiness! It’s a way to become honest with yourself, and to eventually find that fulfillment.

Everyone asks me, is dance truly for everyone? Really, can anyone do it? Is this the answer for every person that has a problem on the planet? The lonely, the overweight, the old, the angry, the disillusioned, the poor? In my eyes – yes.

Not everyone can become the greatest dancer in the world, but everyone has something to gain from the effort. Some people will be affected more than others, some people will try it and move on, but everyone needs to make the attempt.

The more reasons you can think of NOT to do it – the more you’re probably going to benefit from it. I can say that from personal experience!

Keep dancing, and Stay Crazy!



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